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Meet the Head Chef

Hi! I’m Karen. I am the founder and owner of Marble Meals. As a Certified Red Seal Chef and Nutrition Manager, I’ve honed my skills over the past 13 years at reputable establishments across the Greater Toronto Area. I’m comfortable working in hotels, restaurants, golf courses, banquet halls, but I feel at home cooking for you. I am also an avid martial arts enthusiast and regularly practice Muay Thai. I know the challenges of maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle while balancing the needs of work and home. Let me help you achieve your balance with Marble Meals.

Karen Barbalat OWNER & FOUNDER

What We're About

Before I founded Marble Meals in 2016, I saw my friends and family make compromises with their diet in order to keep up with their busy lives. I don’t think people should be sacrificing their health just to keep up with their lives. Between the gym, hockey practice and everything else in between, you have enough to worry about without having to resort to eating fast food or microwaving something frozen. At Marble Meals, we never compromise, you shouldn’t either.

Our Affiliates

We here at Marble Meals love to maintain active and healthy lifestyles, both physically and emotionally, and as such have partnered with two organizations that share our values. Whether you are stopping in for a work out, choosing to pick up your meals, just saying hi, or want to cheer up a friend York Muay Thai are firm supporters of a healthy balanced lifestyle.

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